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What Do You Do For Fun? Want to have more?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Let's have more fun together in 2022!

Do you know your "fun factors"? Who you are with? What you are doing, when you having fun?

Listed below are 3 tips to help you cultivate more fun, joy and laughter in your life. In my opinion, when we are having fun, we feel more ALIVE so why not give it a try?

The amazing thing about fun, is you know when you are having it. When a friend asks you, "Did you have fun last Saturday night?" You can answer right away, "Yes, it was a blast."It is very clear. The elements that make something fun are constantly changing and there is no guarantee what you enjoyed last week will be equally as fun this week. This where Yoga steps in.

Fun is fleeting, and it is only happening in the moment. By learning to increase your awareness in the moment, you can increase your chances of having a good time. You don't let those moments pass you by. No one single activity is intrinsically a good time. Yet when we apply these 3 simple tools you can turn anything you are doing into a beautiful memory. It's all about the attitude you bring to what you are doing.

Here are 3 tips to pay attention to and see if you can bring more joy into your days.

Tip #1 - Be Playful

When I ask students what they do for fun, many respond with times they were learning a new skills. That's because when we are learning a new skill, we mess up. We have to approach it with a beginner's mind. We have to be willing to laugh at ourselves and try again. We have all heard the quote to "dance like no one is watching" To have a good time, you need to not take things so seriously. Do what you are doing, but with the light heartedness of a child. Sing, dance, mess-up, it is all part of the human experience. We have enough reasons to be busy "adulting" Try watching more comedies, tackle a new hobby, invest in things take make you smile.

Tip #2 - In Connection

Often we confuse the things we do for pleasure as fun. Take my morning cup of coffee on my balcony. I look forward to this time of day, it is basically my reason for getting out of bed :). It is very pleasurable, but not fun. In order for an activity to be fun, it needs to be shared with someone. Thats why a coffee with a friend, goes from something pleasurable you can do one your own, to non-stop laughter with the right person. A party can have the best dj's, setting, and food but if you end up standing in the corner not talking to anyone, you will go home disappointed. Connection is a key ingredient to having fun. Fun is contagious. I have a friend who makes going to the grocery store the best time I've had in months because she acts silly, singing and dancing through the aisles. Why not? Life to too short not to enjoy the small, every day moments with your friends and family. I also play tennis with a friend. When she is next to me, we laugh so hard our instructor cant breathe, but when I go by myself, I take it super seriously. What do you do that you could share with someone else and make it more fun?

"Do anything, but let it produce joy" – Walk Whitman

Tip #3 - Find Flow

To be in a flow state means to lose track of time. To be so much in the zone nothing else distracts you. This is my call to put down your phones, to look up from your screen. We are also caught up in staying busy, we don't have enough free time for fun. You need to leave time in your schedule to have time to get into flow. You can't start and stop fun, you need to be able to roll with it. Remember that time flies when you are having fun because you are in the moment. I'm 100% sure that is why yoga had such a powerful effect on me. I was learning something new, connecting to my body and the other students in the room, and also in a flow state. These things brought magic, joy, and lots of laughter into my life. Notice all the ways you stop yourself from being in flow by getting distracted? What can you do less of to make more time for fun?

Finally, when I look at the pleasures in my life, usually if I do too much of them, they turn into something negative. Not fun! I have never had too much fun. There is no limit and the beautiful thing about fun is that it doesn't deplete us. It actually does the opposite and fills us back up with joy.

Start a List: What delights you? Who brings you joy?

What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel ALIVE!? Post a picture having fun and tag me @alexisgulliver to receive a free class coupon.

And finally, it is super fun for me, it can be for you too.

Remember it is all about the attitude you bring.

Sunday, January 2nd at 9amET/17:00TR

108 Sun Salutations to set our intention for 2022

Via Zoom, you need a mat, pen/paper

Cost: $45 message me with questions

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