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Say Goodbye to Stress and…Relax!

In today’s busy world, the art of relaxation is becoming more and more elusive. Many

people’s lives are filled with the demands of everyday life that can create one giant

stress ball within them. Time to stop! Letting go of stress and learning how to relax is

one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Alexis Gulliver of Alexis Alive is a certified yoga instructor and developer of the ALIVE

method — a 5-step program geared to help you de-stress and enhance your total well-

being. She takes a holistic approach to her craft and uses simple practices for both the mind

and body to develop the skills you need to live your best life.

Prolonged periods of stress can take a toll of your physical and mental health.

Fortunately, there are various relaxation techniques designed to counter that — and can

help reduce physical pain, increase energy levels and encourage a more positive sense

of self.

3 popular relaxation methods:

-Breathing. Deep breathing exercises are designed to help the body take in more

oxygen, which in turn helps relieve anxiety, slow heart rate and stabilize blood pressure.

-Meditation. There are different types of meditation but most involve adopting

postures, breathing exercises and even chanting — all of which help enhance a sense of


-Yoga. An ancient Hindu spiritual discipline that combines breath control and bodily

postures to attain a heightened state of relaxation.

After years dedicated to studying, practicing and teaching the principles of yoga, Alexis

at Alexis Alive feels everyone deserves the opportunity to be their best and is confident

that with access to the right tools, the support of a guide, and a renewed connection

with the self, everyone can feel empowered to come ALIVE in each moment. For more

information, contact her today.

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