My workshops have a targeted focus. Tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is during a break-out session at your next corporate gathering, a 2 hour class, or an all day-long training—workshops are smart, lively, approachable, and engaging. Most importantly they are customizable for your business needs.

What Is Your Desired Focus? 

Where our attention goes, that's what grows



Ready to feel more open? Take deeper breaths? This workshop gives you time to explore heart openers and invite more energy into your life. Think of this workshop like a breath of fresh air for your mind and body.



Learn techniques to tap into the ancient knowledge of your energy system. When we are out of balance, we have no spark in our lives. Rekindle your spirit with this workshop focused on bringing vibrancy and balance back into your 7 chakras.

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Custom Workshop

How can I help? Everyone and every body is different. I will create a custom workshop designed to bring out the best in you and what your studio would like to offer.



Let's go upside down together. Learn to turn your perspective upside down, in this fun, exploratory workshop. It's about progress, not perfection.



Everyone loves a good story. Each workshop is designed around learning the mythology that inspires the poses to create an uplifting memorable experience. These classes will inspire your both on and off the yoga mat.

Corporate Workshop

Looking for something specific? We will work together to design a class that is approachable and engaging in line with your company's goals and objectives to maximize teamwork, accountability and wellness.

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