The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. With this in mind we will work to make certain the entire team is developing the skills to lead productive, happy, and fulfilled lives. Through a combination of movement, meditation, self-inquiry, and communication tools we will strive to create an entire organization that is both physically and mentally strong. Using research-based techniques to create:

  • Rapport

  • Build Trust

  • Gain deeper in-sight into employees motivations


We will work together to enhance work and lifestyle balance amongst your employees. All while promoting the overall success of the business.











Looking for a cost effective way to encourage and support employees to prioritize physical and mental health? Wellness Programs have been proven to:

  • Alleviate common pain from desk jobs

  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue

  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Promote team spirit and morale

  • Deduction in time lost due to illness

With the ALIVE Program, corporations can purchase the program and offer it to their employees as a simple, effective way to improve their health in a virtual environment making it accessilbe for everyone. 

On-site Sessions

When face to face is the best way to lead your team, I offer customizable on-site courses. With my dynamic, creative, and motivating talks, you will see immediate benefits to your team's overall energy levels and dedication to living a productive and meaningful life both inside & outside of the corporate setting.

Virtual Sessions

Today, more and more of us are working from home or traveling. Now more than ever setting up online sessions to meet your employees needs where ever they may be is incredibly effective. Virtual sessions allow for wider access to the material in a cost effective manner. It is a way to move outside the box without going over budget.


"As we started our change journey in our organization, Alexis has helped us in staying grounded and taking care of our bodies in an ongoing manner in our high-paced world. Thanks to her creativity, we could integrate yoga & the wisdom of our bodies with our desired behavioral outcomes (curiosity and agility) as individuals and as a group."

Demet / Johnson & Johnson / EMEA Finance Director

"Alexis brought a fresh perspective of how our team members can take care of themselves. Thanks to her great agility and experience, she was able to identify our organization’s needs, adapt the communication to our context and tailor the movements/program to make it accessible to everyone. The result was a highly engaged organization during the sessions and workplace consciousness about health & wellness values."

Mayra / Janssen Pharmaceuticals / Finance Director

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